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Formation Hypnose Conversationnelle en Ligne

Overcome fear, doubt and worry

Take action confidently without years in therapy

How I can Help

The WHO published that 90% of illnesses are stress-related, meaning that most "dis-ease" and disorders are mentally generated. As a result of subconscious limiting beliefs may arise physical conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, allergies, food intolerance, phobias, chronic pain, relationship issues, substance abuse, overindulging, and much more. I help you overcome your issue- using PSYCH-K® or any method I assess as most appropriate- whether it is a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical matter, in making peace with its point of origin so that you can experience holistic health and wellness.

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Virginie helped me manage a deep phobia, and with the first session, I can already see a huge difference! Thank you for helping me with that and for your positive energy! I highly recommend her.

Matt M.


I was very depressed and anxious, unable to find a job in my area of work for more than 6 months. But after just two hypnotherapy sessions with Virginie, I was feeling much more joyful and positive. I am now in a much better space mentally and physically...

Shekher A.


I came to terms with 40 years of smoking history with hypnosis!  Before, I was scared to quit, of what my life would be like, and now I cannot believe I waited so long to enjoy a better quality of life freely! Thank you, Virginie.

Bernie E.


I'm so glad I trusted her in the PSYCH-K®️ remote process! Due to Covid restrictions, I have done 3 online sessions related to anxiety issues, and it is just as effective. I'm blown away every time! Each session, I released blockages preventing me from living my best life!

Adeline B.


During the session she helped me come up with purpose statements and afterwards the following came true for me: She helped me acknowledge that I deserve the love I receive and that I have everything to offer. She guided me to mend my relationship with myself and to accept my actions when I was unwell...

Apple E.


Thanks to your assistance, I let go of the fear to have that painful conversation. I have been able to say what I needed to without hesitation nor fear. It came with love and compassion and went very well. We both are feeling a lot better now. Thank you so much!

Mariam L.


I never knew magic existed until I started to dive deeply into myself. After a beautiful journey with Virginie, she helped me overcome my binge eating. Before I saw her, I would overindulge and feel ill. Now I can enjoy a little walk away. As a ripple effect, it helped reduce my alcohol consumption...

Eve R.


I’ve been struggling with hay fever and horse allergy for many years. I still can’t explain it, but I’m in awe to be now symptom-free! Virginie holds a comforting space. Each time I released blockages, the shifts felt instant, and it only got better as the days went on...

Jen L.


Thank you Virginie, thanks to you I have finally discovered where the pain in my leg came from. Letting go and choosing what is good for me, balancing with PSYCH-K®️ has made a world of difference.You are a beautiful, warm person and you truly care.

Paula V. M.


After the diagnosis of an ill parent, my mind was running in loop on illness and death. My PSYCH-K®️ session has been a liberating experience, It brought me back into the present moment . I grounded myself and retrieved clarity of thoughts...

Lena C.

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