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Formation Hypnose Conversationnelle

Conversational Hypnosis Training

Forget about Hypnosis Protocols, Focus on Therapy

2-Day Event Live on Zoom

26- 27 Sept 1pm - 7pm

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Intrigued by the Conversational Hypnosis ACH 2-day event ?

Join a community of brilliant hypnotherapists who took the leap and, perfected their hypnotherapy practice through a unique approach that transcends your understanding of the unconscious mind for profound and long-lasting client results.

✅ Imagine never preparing for your hypnosis sessions ever again.

✅ Imagine no longer using inductions, language patterns, regressions, metaphors, visualisations or techniques

✅ Imagine no longer having to search for, buy, write down, download or read from scripts. 

✅ Imagine not having to search for the best technique for your hypnosis client.

✅ Imagine being able to solve many problems in one session.

✅ Imagine always targeting the root cause vs the symptom.

 Imagine not having to put pressure on yourself for your hypnosis clients' results.


 And finally, imagine being absolutely sure of your hypnosis clients' results!

What is Conversational Hypnosis (ACH) ?

Hello there, I am Virginie !

The 2-day ACH event is my flagship program in Conversational Hypnosis which focuses 100% on therapy - NOT the hypnosis part - because I am pretty sure that you already know this. And, chances are that if you are reading these lines, it is because you have noticed its shortcomings.

First of all, it is important to mention that therapy has nothing to do with scripts, meta-models, or ericksonian language patterns - that make communication awkward and obvious - nor regressions, visualisations, rapid inductions, floating above timelines - or any other aspect of traditional hypnotherapy that you might have learned in books.

This unique approach to hypnotherapy helps hypnotherapists, NLP coaches, and holistic therapists who are tired of using scripts and protocols, learning and using unnatural language patterns, puzzled by regressions and visualisations when a client cannot relax or visualise, discouraged by spending hours preparing sessions, creating audios and homework, and having to work with clients multiple times - without significant change.

In case you did not know, ACH is probably the number one skill you can have as a hypnotherapist, NLP coach, or holistic therapist determined to accelerate their clients' results - and, at a premium price.

Because, if you can't speed up therapeutic results, no matter how high the quality of your service, or how big your business growth goals are, you will be competing with hundreds of thousands of other hypnotherapists, NLP coaches and holistic therapists, who all offer the same thing at the same price. Talk about differentiation.

With Conversational Hypnosis, give speed to your clients' results, display a premium rate, show the value of transformation (even when the price you display is 10 to 20 times higher than the majority of therapists) and, with just a few clients per week or month, you can transform the lives of, not only your clients but, your own life and, the lives of your close ones, while being a highly skilful and sought-after therapist!

How is ACH different from other Hypnosis Training ?

The reason why my ACH program gets outstanding results with hypnotherapists like you is that it is different from almost all other training programs you have attended so far. That is because, unlike most hypnosis courses you have invested thousands in- where you have used scripts, learned protocols, and read from a book full of unmeasured concepts- Conversational Hypnosis connects the gap between theory and results. If you have ever attended a hypnosis, NLP, or coaching training program that didn't work for you, it is most probably because one or more of these elements were missing, if not all of them : You surely learned a lot about hypnosis and its history, how to hypnotise someone, relaxation and induction techniques, deepeners, suggestibility tests, language patterns, visualisations and so on. But, you were not taught therapy or how to create a breakthrough - beyond reading a simple script or protocol that implies that all clients can adapt to one technique. The worst part is that time was spent not only reading, preparing, or writing scripts and metaphors, with very few demonstrations, unsupervised practical exercises, and tons of theory that boils down to endless information, but does not help you in the real world with real clients. And, most courses do not give you the opportunity to practice your new skills right away, to be coached on the spot, to refine the approach, to use it in the real world with real clients, or to be in a community with like-minded hypnotherapists, NLP coaches, and holistic therapists, all while honing their skills. The most traditional training schools advocate what you SHOULD do - while reading from a manual, but they miss accompanying while you actually DO it. So, many hypnotherapists collect more and more scripts, protocols, and techniques in their toolbox - However, those same hypnotherapists remains stuck, not knowing what to say or do with their hypnotherapy clients. That is why my ACH program focuses 100% on implementation, role-plays, breaking down demonstrations, as well as instant feedback - we focus on practice ! Because the only thing that truly matters is skilfulness, which you obtain through experience - clients do not care about how smart you are or who you trained with. Truth is that they probably know none of these names. They want to know that what you have to offer works for them! ACH Conversational Hypnosis training helps you connect the Learning- Practice gap in three ways: Principles, Demonstrations, Questions/Answers. Conversational Hypnosis works no matter your expertise, niche, experience, or other techniques you know of. It works regardless of your consultation mode, in-person or online, for any issue.

Always address the root cause vs the symptom

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