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Enrolments Open for The Next ACH Training


Learn the easiest, most rapid and advanced style of Hypnotherapy! 


Imagine not needing to spend hours preparing for your sessions. 


Imagine not having to use inductions, language patterns, suggestibility tests, regressions, metaphors, suggestions or rely on uncertain techniques. 


Imagine not needing to search for scripts, create, or read from them. 


Think about never having to think about the best technique for your clients/ patients.


Imagine being able to resolve any issue in just one profound session. 


And finally, imagine feeling confident in the efficacy of your sessions, without putting undue pressure on yourself to perform.


This mindblowing method will help you save:


✔️ Time = No more preparation. Say goodbye to scripts, techniques, language patterns, inductions, visualisations, regressions, suggestions etc. And welcome simplicity.

✔️ Energy = No pressure to perform, say or do something specific for your client's results or find the root cause; you have to lead them to find it. You won't have to doubt your skills or worry again about your clients' results.


✔️ Money = No need to chase the next certification or diploma etc. Accumulating certifications only gives you false confidence through status and legitimacy but does not make you an expert. Results make you an expert and can only come from a place of experience through a proven method.


ACH is not a certification course. It is designed to sharpen your approach to therapy and Hypnosis so you can quicken therapy results for your clients/ patients, be certain without a shadow of a doubt of your clients' results and grow your hypnotherapy business while working with more clients.


Advanced Conversational Hypnosis allows you to:


✅ Regain the confidence in yourself and in Hypnotherapy itself

✅ Get ultra-fast results for your clients

✅ Deal with resistant, rational, left-brain, sceptical clients (who doubt they can be hypnotised)

✅ Grow your hypnotherapy business


What are Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Major Benefits ?


Whether you have just been qualified or have been practicing for years - ACH breaks with the traditional hypnotherapy model.


1. You will learn to use ACH confidently in just a few hours of training without ever having to write, download, or buy a script. You will see and experience ACH through role-plays and learn how to use therapy principles. No time is spent hypnotising clients, deepening clients, using suggestibility tests, preparation, hypnotic suggestions, etc. - Those tricks are pointless once you understand ACH.


2. You will discover how easy therapy can be to create rapid breakthrough without having to force your clients through visualisations or techniques. More so, this unique approach to hypnotherapy can be used whatever your client's issue.


3. You will overcome your own doubts and blocks to become a confident therapist and, you will actively be seeking out clients without fearing being stuck, or if the session even worked.


4. Conversational Hypnosis will allow you stand out in a highly saturated industry, become the go-to expert thus, charging the highest prices within your niche.


5. You will almost immediately start creating therapeutic breakthroughs in minutes of casual chat with clients and you will have a proven strategy to know what to do and say at all time.


6. You will be able to measure your clients' breakthroughs and significantly offer speed to therapeutic results. YES, you will work and do less as a therapist, no more preparation nor performing efforts.


7. You will start to see actual therapeutic breakthroughs that will leave your hypnotherapy clients blown away and eager to talk about you their close ones.


8. You will become incredibly confident and will actively seek out new clients to work with and help change their lives for the better - all without using boring scripts, rigid techniques or language patterns ever again.


... And, so much more !


How can you use Advanced Conversational Hypnosis?


ACH is as close as you can get to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy without all the fluff and fancy techniques. You can apply it to any problem, whether you specialise in weight loss, stop smoking, grief, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, procrastination, fear, phobias, confidence, addictions, anger, fear, sexual dysfunction, driving anxiety, abundance blocks, narcissistic relationships, traumas, attachment styles, pain management etc. This saying, I encourage you to stay within your scope for the benefit of your client. 


Who is this course for ?


This course is designed for all levels of expertise


✅ You are currently working with clients but are not sure what results they are getting

✅ You want faster results (several sessions down to one)

✅ You are an experienced hypnotist who wants an easier and quicker way to help your clients, with no extra workload (no preparation, script, homework, audio...)


✅ You are certified and have not started working with clients yet as you doubt your skills and, or Hypnotherapy.


To understand the method and its principles, you must be open and curious: "You can't learn what you think you already know". Advanced Conversational Hypnosis is a game changer in the therapy world, and you must be prepared to let go of all the old methods you have learned so far during these two days.


What is included in the price?


✅ Access the 2 days of online course (about 6 hours per day)

✅ Unlimited access to the recording after the event


✅ Unlimited access to all future ACH courses at no extra cost


✅ Unlimited access to all future ACH events recordings

Bonus :


✅Unlimited access to private FB group


✅ Unlimited support and mentoring via the FB group



What if you cannot attend the live event?


You may access the recording after the event, get to practice with other participants part of the group and, get to participate in future 2-day live courses at no extra cost!

ACH Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Course

  • Learn the most advanced yet easiest style of hypnosis without prepping for your session ever again!


    As a coach, therapist, hypnotherapist, you would know that "the problem is never the problem" right? So, why do you want to prepare for? Prepping a session can only address the surface-level problem (or symptom), but you will miss the root cause that leads to long-lasting results.


    Spontaneous  Hypnosis


    Master the art of knowing exactly what to say, what to ask in your sessions and when to say it, to create powerful healing trance and transformation. Knowing the next moves and strategies, you can use your own subconscious mind to shape trances that are the perfect match for each and every client/ patient.


    Become An Expert In Observation, Active-Listening and Utilisation


    Learn to take the pressure off yourself as the therapist. Master the art of pausing, using unconscious pressure, and utilising unconscious moments to enhance healing states. Drop all bad habits, lenghty protocols, unnecessary steps that are slowing and down even destroying your clients' results. Naturally blend these advanced strategies with your current modality.


    This course is designed for any level of expertise:


    ✅ You have recently been certified and, feel awkward using scripts and obvious techniques.


    ✅ You currently work with clients yet, you are unsure about the results your clients are getting.


    ✅ You want faster results (multiple sessions down to one)m which you can easily attain through testing.


    ✅ You are experienced and you want streamline way to assist your clients with no extra workload, (no prep, no script, no technique homework, no audio...), you are busy enough !


    This course will help you:


    ✅ Gain the confidence you seek to work with clients


    ✅ Get your clients the results they are hiring you for


    ✅ Get faster breakthroughs for your clients


    ✅Deal with resistant, rational, left-brain, sceptical clients (who claim they cannot be hypnotised)


    What can you help your clients with using Conversational Hypnosis (ACH)?


    This method is very powerful and you can apply it to any problem whether you specialised in weight loss, stop smoking, grief, anxiety, depression, procrastination, fear, phobia, confidence, narcissistic relationships, attachment styles, pain management and so on. This said, I encourage you to stay within your scope for your client' highest good. 


    What is included in the price?


    ✅ 2 days of online course (about 6 hours per day)

    ✅ Access to the recording after the event


    ✅ Unlimited access to all future ACH courses at no extra cost


    ✅ Unlimited access to all future ACH 2-day events recording

    Bonus :


    ✅Unlimited access to private FB group


    ✅ Support and mentoring via the FB group


    Book your spot now !

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